The Unstoppable Girls are leading an effort to renovate the Brookside Community Club!  The BCC is very meaningful to us and we would like to give back by restoring it and making the many needed repairs and updates that are necessary.  While our goal is lofty, $80,000, we will not be stopped!  We believe if successful, the end result will be a beautiful, updated community center that will benefit everyone in the town who uses it and all its future members and visitors!  Please read our story to learn why we have come to love the Club and why we refuse to give up!

Want to help support the Brookside Community Club?

Prefer to mail in a donation?  Please make your check payable to the Brookside Community Club and send to:

BCC c/o Unstoppable Girls

PO Box 362

Brookside, NJ  07926

The Brookside Community Club is a non-profit tax exempt [501(C)3] corporation.

All donations are tax deductible and the BCC is eligible for corporate gift matching!


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