The "Unstoppable Girls" is a newly formed group made up of eleven determined 7th grade girls from Mendham Township.


Since 2012 our organization has held monthly meetings at the Brookside Community Club and as a result the Club has become our "home".  We have created lasting memories while learning life lessons here.  One valuable lesson we discuss at each meeting is the importance of being a part of the community we live in and giving back to our community in any way possible.  Last year we had an idea…what better way to give back than to help the club raise money for much needed repairs and updates?!  Extremely excited, we approached the organization we are a part of about our idea but sadly they told us we could not move forward under their name because it was “too big of a project”. 


So we did what any determined group of girls would do, we started a second group and named ourselves the “Unstoppable Girls”.  Now we are able to pursue our goal of raising money to help update the Club.

Working closely with the members of the Brookside Community Club, we have set a fundraising goal of $80,000.  While a lofty goal, these funds will allow the club to be updated in all areas while still maintaining the charm that we all know and love.


Please accept the Unstoppable Girls team's most sincere appreciation in advance for any and all donations…we look forward to seeing you at the ribbon cutting!

Thank you!

Ally, Anna, Annika, Erin, Izzy, July, Katelyn, Maya, Seneca, Shayna, Vanessa


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